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Kyle was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. Having never lived anywhere else he has lived in town for 33 years. A third-generation Nevadan, Kyle has roots that go as deep as the gold veins that run through our hills. Kyle received an Associate Degree in Information Technology but decided to pursue a career in marketing and design. Kyle Started Hook & Pixel in the winter of 2015 and continues to practice today. In his free time, Kyle enjoys spending time with his better half Amber and loves his three pets Gary, Olliver, and Lady.
Fear will always loose to love.
  • The Great Reno Calendar - Hero Image - April 2019

The Great Reno Event Calendar

By |2019-04-22T18:07:22-08:00April 12th, 2019|Reno|

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one place to see all the events in Reno and Tahoe? A place that could finally answer the question asked every weekend, “What do you want to do?”  Well never will a date be boring, or a weekend poorly [...]

  • How to Buy Burning Man Tickets in 2019 Hero Image

How to Buy Burning Man Tickets in 2019

By |2019-04-03T18:54:07-08:00April 3rd, 2019|Reno|

The only way to create a paradise exactly the way you want it is to start from nothing and build it from the ground up. Every year a city emerges from the sea of dust we lovingly call the Black Rock Desert. Tens-of-thousands of people from all [...]

  • Hey Reno - 3 Lake Tahoe Cruises You Need To Go On_MS DIxie II on lake abstract

3 Lake Tahoe Cruises You Need To Go On

By |2019-03-28T16:12:40-08:00March 28th, 2019|Outdoors|

Lake Tahoe is massive and because of this, it's big enough for a bit of sailing or a cruise. It’s my firm belief that Lake Tahoe has some of the best nature has to offer, and a cruise offers a unique perspective. In this post, we [...]

  • Hey-Reno---Birthday-Poll-Hero-Birthday-candles-with-neon-reno-above

Poll: Birthday Activities in Reno/Tahoe

By |2019-03-21T12:44:35-08:00March 21st, 2019|Reno|

What are you going to do for your birthday? For some, it's clubbing and drinks, others its a camping trip or a beach day at Tahoe. No matter what time of the year there are plenty of good things to do in the Reno Tahoe area [...]

  • Mercury-Retrograde-cover neon rocket and pink stars over reno nevada at night

Hey Reno’s Guide To Mercury Retrograde For 2019

By |2019-03-16T00:36:35-08:00March 15th, 2019|Reno|

Have you or a loved one recently faced hard times, catastrophe, or a huge dilemma? Well, we have just the scapegoat for you, Mercury! If it’s the right time of year of course. But, Mercury retrograde isn’t a reason to hide, it just means you need [...]

  • Hey-Reno-Mission-Statement-Blog-Article-Cover-Astronauts-Space-thing

Get To Know Hey Reno: Our Mission

By |2019-02-28T20:02:58-08:00February 28th, 2019|Hey Reno|

Mission statement. It sounds so corporate, doesn’t it? Regardless, having a mission and a direction is important for every person and business. A good mission can help create bigger results than drive can alone. Because of this, I wanted to share with you our mission so [...]

  • Reno-Tahoe-Road-Conditions-COver-Photo-Hey-Reno car driving through snow to reno

Reno Tahoe Road Conditions and Information

By |2019-02-19T14:28:30-08:00February 13th, 2019|Outdoors|

Northern Nevada has always been tied to the Bay Area. Through gold, commerce, and a strip of asphalt called Interstate 80. But, a small section of this strip travels through an area that can get tons of snow. The Donner Pass has a dark history that [...]

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