Mission statement. It sounds so corporate, doesn’t it? Regardless, having a mission and a direction is important for every person and business. A good mission can help create bigger results than drive can alone. Because of this, I wanted to share with you our mission so you can become a bit more familiar with Hey Reno.

Who Is Hey Reno?

It’s important to understand first that Hey Reno is a one-man-band. There is no investors, funding, and very little resources. I do the website, designs, marketing, everything. Because of this, Hey Reno’s mission is my mission too. I love Reno, Tahoe, and all Northern Nevada; into California and the Sierra Nevadas. We have culture, art, nature, big lakes, and huge skies. That is only matched by the big personalities of the people that call Reno/Tahoe home.

What Is Hey Reno’s Mission?

We want to bring our community closer together so we can get to really know our neighbors. We have so many amazing people doing amazing things that are worth sharing. And when you get to know someone a funny thing happens, that familiarity creates bonds. Bonds like that bring us closer together. Hopefully, the results of these efforts will boost our local economy, tourism, and strengthen our community. Then, Reno will be even better than it was before.

I am really excited to see what we all can create together.

How Do We Aim To Achieve Our Mission?

We plan on creating great content that helps to get to know Northern Nevada even better than before. Sharing videos and articles that are not only fun to read but informative and insightful.

We have already been creating articles once a week since before the new year and some of them have been getting some pretty good attention. We have plans for a series of video interviews with local influencers. And I am always looking for new ideas.

But supporting this much ambition won’t be easy. That’s why we created an online shop with 100% original t-shirts and apparel. Each item is designed with you, the Reno lover, in mind. Not to mention priced fairly so everyone has a chance to look amazing!

Get to know more about Hey Reno on our about us page.


I have been having so much fun creating Hey Reno since our super-soft launch in December 2018. Creating designs and engaging with the community through Instagram and Facebook has been really rewarding. I am looking forward to growing this idea and seeing where it all goes!

Do you think you have something you can contribute to our mission? A cool design idea? Know someone cool in the area that needs a little exposure? Send me an email: support@heyreno.com