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Lake Tahoe is massive and because of this, it’s big enough for a bit of sailing or a cruise. It’s my firm belief that Lake Tahoe has some of the best nature has to offer, and a cruise offers a unique perspective. In this post, we will cover three options you can take on your Lake Tahoe cruise and some of their features.

Why Cruising Lake Tahoe is Value Packed

Your trip to Lake Tahoe should be packed full of adventure, luxury, and a deep connection with nature. What better way to experience that then on the waters of the lake itself. A cruise is a great way to slow down and really savor the experience.

Speaking of savoring, many cruises offer dinner and wine tasting as part of the package. Because you can get so much more amenities on a cruise it really becomes a mobile platform for one incredible Lake Tahoe experience.

Lake Tahoe Cruises are a great way to spend an anniversary with that special someone too. Watching the sunset as you and your lover sip on fantastic wines. Shuttle service is available for ticket holders to the dock from many spots in Lake Tahoe, which we all know makes celebrating so much easier (and safer).

Zephyr Cove Resort – MS Dixie II, Tahoe Paradise

Zephyr Cove Resort offers the legendary MS Dixie II as one of the vessels in their fleet. Along with the Tahoe Paradise, Zephyr Cove is the industry leader when it comes to luxury Tahoe Cruises. As a local, I have grown up knowing about the MS Dixie and how great of an experience it has always been is basically local knowledge.

MS Dixie II

Tahoe Paradise


Tahoe Cruises – Safari Rose

Cruise over the crystal clear waters in the Safari Rose, Tahoe Cruises’ 80’ yacht. The water is so clear, it feels like you are flying. https://www.instagram.com/p/BqGljqBhYxz/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

Built originally for 3M, the Safari Rose claims to be the most luxurious with a full bar, sun deck, fireplace, and six bathrooms. All finished in leather and teak, it’s a type of class from a bygone era.

Safari Rose


Lake Tahoe Bleu Wave

Tahoe Bleu Wave is one of the few cruise services that runs 7 days a week, all year long. I love this because if you are looking for affordable Lake Tahoe cabins in the middle of the week, you can still get a fantastic cruise on your vacation.

One thing that is super cool is the Homewood Ski & Boat package that includes breakfast and a lift ticket. What a cool way to show up to the mountain!

Bleu Wave

  • Emerald Bay Lunch – Adult: $90, Child: $40
  • Emerald Bay Sunset – Adult: $90, Child: $40
  • Homewood Ski & Boat Cruise w/ lift ticket – Adult: $188, Child: $167
  • Wine Down Wednesdays – Adult: $80

All Lake Tahoe Bleu Wave Cruise Info Here.


No matter which you choose for your Lake Tahoe Cruise, you are guaranteed to be in one of the world’s most beautiful places. Both winter and summer in Lake Tahoe are breathtaking and because of this, we recommend taking a trip on the lake for your next Tahoe vacation.