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Northern Nevada has always been tied to the Bay Area. Through gold, commerce, and a strip of asphalt called Interstate 80. But, a small section of this strip travels through an area that can get tons of snow. The Donner Pass has a dark history that everyone locally knows well. Because of this, getting stuck in the mountains is a nightmare that every Renoite has thought of.

Knowing the conditions on the pass is essential, and I couldn’t find any resource that was easy to use and mobile friendly. So I started this to help out any traveler that has to brave the harsh winter conditions on our areas highways and byways. I set out with the intention to include every alpine route I could, but just I-80 was a daunting task. So be ready for updates to this page.

Interstate 80

Interstate 80 Camera Overview

Hey Reno - i80 Road Camera Guide also showing ski resorts and Lake tahoe

Interstate 80 Elevation Guide

Live Cameras

1 – Floriston

Elevation : 5291 feet

2 – Truckee Scales

Elevation : 5826 feet

3 – I80 at SR267

Elevation : 5928 feet

4 – I80 at SR89

Elevation : 5898 feet

5 – Truckee

Elevation : 5905 feet

6 – Donner Lake

Elevation : 6394 feet

7 – Donner Summit

Elevation : 7221 feet

8 – Castle Peak

Elevation : 7165 feet

9 – Soda Springs WB

Elevation : 6768 feet

10 – Soda Springs EB

Elevation : 6768 feet

11 – Kingvale WB

Elevation : 6128 feet

12 – Kingvale EB

Elevation : 6095 feet

Check Out the Live Cams Here

Cal Trans Area Live Cameras