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The only way to create a paradise exactly the way you want it is to start from nothing and build it from the ground up. Every year a city emerges from the sea of dust we lovingly call the Black Rock Desert. Tens-of-thousands of people from all over the earth come to fill this desert and build a city. But will you be one of them?

Getting a ticket to Burning Man is a bit different this year. Because of this, we will be going over the quick and dirty rundown of how to secure your Burning Man Tickets in 2019. We will start with a bit about the event and some actionable tips then we will get into the guide on tickets and when to purchase them. Let’s get started!

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I have been to Burning Man myself 6 times since 2005 and boy things have changed over the years. Gone are the days of just running down to Melting Pot to pick up your ticket (for $250 if I remember right). I have done solo camping, small camps, and big camps. Been to early burn twice to help build up BRCU and stayed late to wrangle hundred of bikes onto a trailer. It always feels like I’m just scratching the surface of this great community.

A community you are about to become a part of. If you can get a ticket of course.

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Above are my camps from 2005 to 2015. Ten years apart. Nifty!

Quick and Dusty Burning Man Tickets Buying Guide 2019

Burning Man Main Sale Registration Here

Ticket Types and Buying Windows

Directed Group Sale

Registration: Feb 12 – Feb 22

Sale: Feb 27 – Mar 1

Available: 32,000 @ $425

For Theme Camps, Art Crews, Art Car Crews, Sound Crews, Core City Builders. If you think these are to get there early and party sooner, you are wrong.

Low Income Ticket

Registration: Feb 13 – April 17th

Available: 4,500 @ $210

Submit an application and you may be chosen to receive a low income ticket. Not sure what process determines who gets chosen, but I don’t envy the committee that has to do it.


Registration: Mar 13th – Mar 15th

Sale: March 20th (noon)

Available: 4,000 @ $1,400 limit 2

A pre-sale that allows a few folks to make sure they don’t miss out for 3 times the price. Keep in mind the two ticket limit as well.

Main Sale

Registration: Apr 3rd – Apr 5th

Sale: Apr 10th (noon)

Available: 23,000 @ $425 limit 2

The big one. How most everyone gets their tickets.

OMG Sale

Registration: Jul 24th – July 26th

Sale: Jul 31st (noon)

Available: 3,000 @ $550 limit 2

Last chance to buy fresh tickets. The cost has gone up but that’s ok.

Buying Tickets From Other People

I can not tell you how many different stories I have heard of people getting scammed. You don’t want to be another story, do you? That’s why you should only get your ticket through the STEP program. It allows a safe way for people to sell their unwanted tickets at the same price they bought them for. Super fair, super safe.

Do it any other way and you risk getting stranded at the gate with bad tickets.

Kids Tickets

Children Under 12 are free, but you must print a ticket for them at home. You can do this starting on May 15th.

Vehicle Passes

If you have an opportunity to buy a ticket through one of the sales, you can buy up to 1 vehicle pass with your order.

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Burning Man Main Sale Registration Here

Be Part of the Burning Man Community

You have your ticket, and now it’s time to get ready. But this isn’t your average festival and there is more to it than just getting a tent and water. Burning Man is one of the great cultural adventures of our time and the things you see there you will never be able to see anywhere else, ever.

So, what makes Burning Man such a unique experience? It’s the values and principals that Burning Man was built on that make it special. But over the last few years, we have been getting an onslaught of new attendees that have been forgetting these values. Don’t be one of them. Stick to the 10 Principles and let’s keep Burner culture concentrated.

Instead of just telling you the 10 Principles, here are some actionable things you can at Burning Man to embrace them.

  • Make a nifty sitting area in your camp to meet passers-by.
  • Bring a bunch of fruit and have a fruit party, invite everyone in earshot.
  • Look through your gear and tape over every logo with black duct tape.
  • Build your own shade structure (from scratch) big enough to put your tent under.
  • Read your favorite poetry over megaphone during a whiteout dust storm.
  • Find unfinished art and see if there is a way you can help get it done.
  • Put do-not-climb signs on your “less-than-stable” art.
  • Put a cheap pouch on your belt to pick up trash and moop you find on adventures.
  • Enjoy Canada Day at your friendly neighborhood theme camp.
  • Climb a tall thing, look around, take it all in and truly appreciate that moment.

If you want to know more about the principals and the culture we are trying to preserve try these two articles out to start.

The 10 Principles of Burning Man | Burning Man

The 10 Principles – BURN.LIFE

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Let the Journey Begin

Getting Burning Man Tickets is just the beginning of the incredible adventure. There is planning, prepping, worrying, and traveling to do. Burning Man isn’t an easy experience, but things worth doing aren’t always easy.